Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It seems that Morgan Jane's love of Kai-lan has gone south over the past few month. South of the Border that is.
Dora. Damn, Dora.
"Dita!" as Morgan affectionately screams out whenever she sees her- whether its on a pair of pajamas hanging on the rack at Target or her bizarre appearance on the chicken noodle Campbell soup can. (Of course I bought it. She hugged that can of soup the whole time we were in the grocery store- showing it to everyone who would look, screaming, "Deeeee-taaah!!!!" like she had a handful of diamonds or something!)
So the other day we had a garage sale to finally get rid of all of the things we have moved with us over the years that we just. don't. need. I opened the box of Miss O's million and one baby dolls and all of their accessories, that I had planned to save for Morgan. And I will admit: I pulled one out and set it aside to give to her later that day. Well! It turns out Jason had the same plans, because the next day he came in our room cracking up: Turns out, he had gone in Morgan's room to wake her up from nap with one of the baby dolls he had pulled out of the box for her, carrying it like a real baby. He said she FREAKED out, shaking and whispering, "baby, baby!" and then signing to tell him to "shoosh" (because that's what we always tell her when we see babies.) So needless to say, she was THRILLED to have a bunch of new babies to play with!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to document her joy of motherhood. She is a notorious "let-me-see-what-you-see-on-the-camera" kind of kid, so she won't sit in front of the camera very often. Luckily, I got a few good snip-ettes. She was being awfully cute: kissing the babies, dragging them by their legs, showing them to everyone in the house, throwing them on the floor, telling them to go "nigh-nigh"... You name. It was pretty adorable.

I am lov-ing that I am getting all of this on tape and then, whoooo do you guess comes along to ruin my footage? You guessed it. Damn Dora.
Priorities, I guess.
(At least she didn't leave her children unattended!)


Jilly Id said...

What is it with Dora? What secret spell does she cast? My 2 yr old grandson LOVES Dora. The world stops turning when Dora comes on - Hola! We have 3 Dora books that were his older sisters and I have to read them back to back to back to back.... you get the picture. I finally stashed them and as we speak, Dora is under the couch. She'll come out later but I need a break from Boots and Swiper for a week or so. We have a ton of other books and read every day but for now, Dora is on vacation.

The Saras Family said...

cracks me up...the difference between boys and girls. although Hudson loves dora and diego I am pretty sure he wouldn't want anything to do with those babies. so funny how they show their pink and blues at such an early age. shes such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Morgan sharing the Joy of Dita with the Walmart- I would have loved to have seen that.

There once was a little girl- in fact she's the author of this blog- who insisted on being read "Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever" and only that for so long that it ended up under the couch. So, I hear ya!

And she wonders about Bubs and the MarioKart obsession...

Anne's mom