Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who Do You Love?

We were stalking a house that just went on the market taking a leisurely drive this morning, when Luke starts saying in his precious sing-song voice, "I wub Bawk Ohhhhh Rama!" and cracks up because he knows this makes me nuts. (Jason taught him to say "I love Barack Obama" as joke and I guess he got such a rise out of me the first time he said it, that he can't resist doing it about 10 times a day now.)

Then in true Luke Palmer fashion, he starts saying silly endings to this sentence:
"I wub Bawk Ohhhh Bunnywhop!"
Okaaay, Luke.

"I wub Bawk Ohhhh Too-Too."
Luke, now you're just being crazy.

"I wub Bawk Ohhh Potty"
Luke Palmer, that's enough!

And then... He made me smile:

"I wub Bawk Ohhh PooPoo Head"


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Lucrecia said...

that is priceless!!