Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little OOC

You heard of ADD. You've heard of OCD. You've heard of TMI. I myself have issues with a disorder called "OOC".

Out Of Control.
It comes and goes, and usually effects me when I have started a simple project ("Why of course that simple square throw pillow needs hand-beaded fringe!") or when I start planning a shower("A garden theme?! Why I must make topiaries that spell out the guest of honor's 7-letters-long name!") And it really happens when I start planning parties for my children. It takes over and I can't stop and things quickly spiral Out Of Control! (I had the flu on Olivia's 3 birthday- but got hopped up on DayQuil, because come hell or high water I was going to finish her huge poodle cake, damn it!)
So the other day, I was throwing birthday ideas around with Luke (given his birthday isn't til the end of June- but, you know me...) And he tells me he wants a King Boo cake- not a Thomas cake. That could be nice and easy- King Boo is pretty much a big white circle with a red tongue. Done. Easy-breezy. But, then...I can't help myself and start googling "Super Mario cake"... And I find this:

How amazing is this??? They makes the most INCREDIBLE creations- there's no way I could cut into these cakes. Seriously. I am totally blown away.

Now, given, she has had a gazillion years of experience. And given this cake was for a wedding, and not a 3 year old's birthday party. But don't think for one second that I totally didn't have a moment when I thought "I could do this. I would tone it done a smidge, but I think that I could totally do this." I even sat down and drew my toned-down version. (Jas found it later on my desk, thought it was a silly drawing that Olivia had done and wrote his shopping list on the back. Thanks.) But I have also YouTubed how to make yummy tasting fondant, and also the trick to make precious gum paste figures, so we'll see... I might just surprise myself.

This OOC condition has a way of doing that to a person. (It can also make them curse the day the project was thought up, but we'll hope for the best!)

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The Goodrichs said...

I remember her 3rd birthday - I was so sick with "morning" sickness.... but even so.... that poodle cake was amazing... i remember thinking to myself... "great i am gonna be a loser mom... there is NO WAY i could have done that..my poor baby is gonna have store bought cake - guess i better find a really good bakery" no joke thats what i was thinking... that and could i feel any less sick...

everything you do is great - dont overload yourself