Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart Kindness


Last week's FPU class was all about the "b"-word... Budget. The one thing we have both been dreading. The source of so many fights. But, the class went well, we came out in one piece and we have 3 more days to fininsh ours- which we WILL DO! (And not while we are watching the video like we did in week 2...)

Anyway! One of the biggest things we were kind of stressing about was the "Charitable Gifts" aspect of the budget. Dave says you should donate a certain percentage of your take home dollars every month, not to help your bank account, but to help your soul, and keep you from focusing so much on yourself and your troubles. There are people out there in WAY worse shape than all of us. But. we just didn't see how we could realistically give money at this time when we are working so hard to save and pay off debts, so we had come to an agreement that until we can donate funds, we will donate items and our time to causes that we feel good about.

So, yesterday, I took our huge bag of items to drop off at the Frisco ReSale Store- most of which was old maternity clothes and household items we didn't use anymore. Donation for the month: Check! And then, get this- I am checking my mail today, and find a sweet email forwarded from Anna, linking to this new blog: Pass It On, Baby! I've looked into other swap-type set-ups, but this one seemed easy and to the point: Just pack it up and mail it off. The girls will work on setting the right size and season where it should go. Lord knows with the million and one things our 3 kids have worn and gone through, we have plenty to pull together and mail off. I love the thought of a new mommy carefully folding the little onesies and socks that I had also carefully folded and placed in drawers, waiting for the baby to come to wear them, or thinking of them growing bigger and fitting in each new size...

Check out thier cute blog, and see if its something you would be intersted in, too... I'm sending in items later this week- Can't wait to see how it goes!


4Hoffman's said...

So glad you got my email! I'm going through closets this weekend too!

Pass It On, Baby! said...

On behalf of Heather and myself -thank you SO much for your post regarding our blog! We can't express to you the gratitude we feel for you using your blog to help people hear our message. Not the mention the fact that you are willing to help! ((Hugs)) to your beautiful family!! And welcome to ours! *wink* ~ Elizabeth