Friday, March 20, 2009

Reason # 876,249 that...

...I can't stand Barack Obama:

He makes fun of handicapped people now-"That part of the population"- he refered to them as in an "apology" he made for this flippant comment last night on Jay Leno. Jas and I actually caught this last night and I promptly made him turn it off.

Really Mr. President? On national television? And you think that by all of a sudden deciding that you want to invite some Special Olypians to come visit the White House, you are making everything okay. Why would they want to come see you? What are you going to say next?: " I have lots of handicapped friends."

Seriously. You are a real class act.


Anonymous said...

A cheap Chicago pol is a cheap Chicago pol is a cheap Chicago pol...
The only reason this is being covered is because he said it on an entertainment show, and they didn't edit it out.
Just not very presidential.

OTOH, Mrs. Obama is putting in a kitchen garden at the White House, of which I approve.

Lucrecia said...


thats all :-)

HA! my word varification word is "ruins"