Monday, March 9, 2009

Have Your Cake...

Jas was so surprised by his golf-themed birthday cake! It turned out great that a certain four legged friend of ours decided that he, too, needed a piece- Or should I say, all of the icing off the back side!
(See him back there, acting all nonchalant, like he's just lookin' out the window, minding his own business...)
Damn dog! I guess that's what we get for leaving it on the table and not keeping a close eye on that guy...
Oh, well- that's 450,000 calories we didn't need anyway!


4Hoffman's said...

OMG did you make that yourself? I am totally impressed! Happy B-day to Jason!

Anonymous said...

Worst Dog Ever.
That turned out great! I love the Argyle paper and the "Jason" candles. And the "green" looks fantastic.
Lucky guy.