Friday, October 2, 2009

The Best Of Friends

Now that school is back in session, and we are living a more scheduled life, we have been making sure we spend Friday mornings with Lysh and H. And the nicest change has happened: Luke and H actually play together like big kids. These two have gotten SO BIG lately, and their friendship has grown, too.

She is his best friend. She is someone he asks me to call and see if she can come over to play every day. She is someone he relates almost anything we are doing to: "H goes to Hobby Lobby, too!" "H washes her hands, too!" And most importantly, she is someone who shares his deep love of "chickenfries" and PBS Kids.

They have always been really sensitive to each others' little quirks. They both have "lovies"- H's Woobie and Luke's Bunny. I've always thought it was so cute that even when they were very little, they would bring them to each other when they were upset, or made sure that they weren't forgotten when the play date was coming to a close. And they are also so funny about milk! They have created a silly name for it, combining each of their special nicknames together: "Minima" for H or "Bunnywhop" for Luke becomes "MiniWhop". I find this not only extremely endearing, but a little bit genius, considering they made this up on their own and only use it in the presence of each other.

They (for the most part!) play really sweetly together. They think up things like surprise birthday parties for their stuffed cats and cows, or imaginary shopping trips for batteries and hoagie rolls (Priorities, people!)

Its been so fun to see them grow up together this far, I can only imagine how much fun they'll have over the next few years!

The First Time They Met!


Land family said...

Very sweet!

Let it Shine said...

Totally crying.
What a sweet and wonderful post. Was just looking at the pics of them feeding chips to each other.
He is her best friend too.
It has been amazing to watch them grow up together, and means so much to me that they are so close. Amazing also because we have grown up together, and you are still and always will be my best friend. Love you sweet friend!

PS - I feel like I could do a post with "out take pics" - you know - the ones where we put the baby gate up, or L has a black eye, or they are covered in food, crying, etc....

4Hoffman's said...

Sweet post!