Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kitty Kat

So I have been sitting here, checking email, working on Jas' work stuff and Luke keeps coming up to me to, saying, "Mom! Can I pleeeeeeeeease have a kitty cat!??" And I keep telling him no.

He says, " I really, really want one! I love them!"
I reply, "Well, Daddy hates them, so NO!"
He give me a weird look.
He says, "But my body says 'I NEED A KITTY KAT'!"
I reply (eye-brows raised), "Your BODY needs a cat? You are you kidding me right now??"
He says, "NO. I. WANT. A. KITTY. KAT."
So now I think he's just being a toot, so I send him away.
He's gone for 2.2 seconds before returning and saying this this crazy, deep voice:
"I need a kitty kat in my TUM-MEEEE. Just like YoGabbaGabba! Just like Olivia!!! GIVEMEOOOOOOONE!" (He's also doing some very dramatic arm flaling at this point...)
What the hell??!?

A cat in his tummy?
Like Olivia?
Could this have anything to do with him slipping and hitting his head on the shower floor last night????
And then I get it.
He wants a Kit Kat, which was what O had for a treat when she had gotten home from school. What a wacko-job.
God bless him though, I had to give him one after all that.
It totally reminded me of this incident.
(I am also looking up child-actor agents. This kid could win an Oscar for Dramatic Interpretation!)


Mama Melissa said...

now, that was funny!!! :D


Let it Shine said...

I have tears streaming down my face laughing, because I know him well enough to invision exactly what this looked and sounded like.
He is SO funny.
Need a kitty kat in my tummy. Hilarious.

OH - and whatever Yo Gabba Gabba has in their tummy is something he and H certainly do not need to ingest

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

these are the things blogs are perfect for....documenting the little cute stuff that slips through our sieve of a brain!

4Hoffman's said...

Oh that is GREAT!! I totally LOL!!