Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Ft. Terror

So this girl:
This Stinker Pot:has begun a serious rein of terror in my house. She is a monkey. A climber. A sneaky little curly haired ninja. Don't let the cute face fool ya! Over the past week she has learned how to climb on the coffee table, ....which then led her to figure out how to climb onto the couch. And because who really wants to sit on the couch?- she prefers to stand... And push things off the side table...
I see trips to the ER in my future.
She then learned how to open the doors in our house- that includes the backdoor, which we mistakenly believed we could leave unlocked! Ha! Nothing like finding your 14 month old wondering around on the patio. Sheesh.

And then there's the issue of Miss O's room: The room of 1 million teensy-tiny-swallow-in-a-heartbeat Barbie shoes, Pet Shop sunglasses, and Polly Pocket purses. Not to mention stuffed animals, birthday goodie bags and fabulous dress-up stuff.Great. She destroyed the room in 2.2 seconds flat.
So as I am leading her out of Miss O's room and encouraging her to play in her own room, I come across this: Come on?? Why is this fun? It wasn't a week ago today that I hear her in her room having a grand ole' time at what should have been nap time. I finally go in there, and she has some how pulled the brand new package of 64 diapers off of the top of the dresser, opened it and pulled every single one of those diapers out. She was swimming in a sea of diapers in her crib and the whole floor was covered. And every mommy knows that once you open a diaper, it never goes flat again- so I had this huge ridiculous mound of diapers in her closet until just yesterday. Made me insane.

I would seriously consider busting out the playpen, but have visions of her swinging herself over the side and making a wobbly-toddler dash for it! She's under serious baby lock-down. I feel like I have to do that two-finger "I have my eyes on you" motion to her every few minutes. I have to stalk her like the paparazzi:
I now have a deeper understanding for the moms who put tents over their children's cribs, make them wear back-packs with leashes and buy those hideous coffee table bumpers. Things are about to change around here...


Let it Shine said...

Too bad she gets away with it cause she is SOOOOOO CUTE! I am laughing......


Anonymous said...

That taking the clothes out of the drawers thing?
Mrs. Pot, meet Miss Kettle.
(yes, I'm so laughing at this.)


The Saras Family said...

that little turkey is SO adorable!