Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For The Price Of...

...two Iced Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiatos you can find some pretty serious bargains lately!
Lysh had told me about these precious little red BHG pedestal tables she saw at the 'Mart. It would be perfect for in the corner by my big windows! At the time they were about $25. Which is not too bad...but too much for me to get in the car and race out to get one. (I'm super cheap.) Well- then I had to stop at the 'Mart out here to get some painting supplies the week before we moved and what did I see- sitting in a pile up on the Clearance shelves??? A precious little red BHG pestal table with a red $10 sticker on it! What?!?! SOLD! Love it!Theeeen.... Jas and I painted a large chalkboard calendar on one of the kitchen walls. I knew I wanted to trim it out, so when I was at the HL yesterday, I searched through the 80% off open back frames and found this gem. "Please, oh, please be cheap" I chanted as I turned it over! Yes! 10 dolla's!!! Whoo hoo!!! Fifty-smifty...God Bless, Hobby Lobby and their crazy sales.

And theeeeen.... Yesterday, again at the Mart- I had to run in to get the missing ingredients to my World Famous Chicken Nuggest so I could make them for Jas (poor guy had to close two nights in a row, which meant eating dinner at 9:45pm-ugh!)- Anyway! I am walking in, minding my own business when I see a huge black and white "$10" sign at the top of the end shelf of one of the aisles, and then, like in slo-mo, I realize what they are selling for that smokin' price:
Only the huge hurricane candle holders that I have been coveting, but again- I am super cheap, and kept putting off buying!!! Just to be sure, I checked the glass for a big red sticker, and sure enough, my dream came true!!! As Hannah Montana would say, "Wha-BAM!" LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
I have become completely spoiled. Seriously. Deal, after smokin' deal! But its making adding the finishing touches to our humble little home that much easier.... A few more days and I think I'll be able to sit down and put my feet up! (cross your fingers)

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Mama Melissa said...

FANTASTIC deals!!! wow! :)

I went to one of my fave discount places yesterday and found some seasons of TV on DVD that I knew my brother wanted for $6.00 EACH!!! normally, those bad boys are easily $20 if not $30! YIPPEE! Of course, it was Dallas. But I was surprised to see Nip/Tuck and WestWing on there too! :D

Love me a good bargain!