Saturday, July 18, 2009

Couch Potato

I don't know why I think this is so cute: But I love when Morgan sits on the couch and eats her breakfast! Maybe because she looks like such a big girl, or maybe because I have pictures of all of my other kids sitting there with Jas (watching golf, of course) and now I have a complete set... Either way- its adorable to me.
Taste-testing her breakfast...
Jas asking her how she thinks Tom Watson will do today...
She thinks this is so fun!
Watching our favorite show, "Olivia"... She clapping at the school play they were putting on- So cute!
(Please notice Mo waiting patiently here at the bottom left. He LOVES when Morgan eats. He will come running at the sound of the 'pop' of a baby food jar, or if we shake the can of puffs! He sits right down next to her, because he knows- whether its the high chair or the couch- he'll be having whatever she's having as soon as she get up.)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously! She could not be any cuter!!! Makes me smile just to look at that grin! ~A