Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost There

The house is almost done.
The workers are gone.
The walls have been painted. Twice in some cases.
Pictures have been hung.
Royce is finishing up little things here and there.
There are more flat boxes in the garage then full ones in the house.
Olivia's room is the last one left to be unpacked.
The kitchen table is covered with the most random things that don't have a home yet.
We still do not have a fridge. Or stove. Or a dishwasher.

But we have new floors, countertops, faucets, lights, moldings, doors...
We have a beautiful "new" home that we walk from room to room in and are reminded of the joy we felt when we first got it: When there were just 4 of us and Bubs was younger than Morgan is now. We are reminded of the birthday parties and holidays we celebrated here. We smile at our first attempts at landscaping and the Smurf blue paint debaucle. We look out the drive-way and remember walking Olivia up to school on her first day of Kindergarten. We all grew up alot in this house in the short time that we were here at first.

And now we are back. A bigger family, with more love for each other and for what this house means to us. It is our center. Our "home plate". Our refuge. I have always wanted a home that when I walk in I feel like it is where I truely want to be. Where every room I walk in just feels right. And I wish that for my family and friends who come in as well. That they feel welcome and comfortable, that they want to stay awhile and visit. And its almost there.

Is it possible that the picture of my kids are even cuter when hung on these walls? Do my old curtains really look better over these windows? Does my coffee pot make better tasting coffee when sitting on these counters? Does sitting in the furniture on this patio night make the summer air smell even better? I think so, because in thier own way, they are adding the finishing touches to our Home, Sweet (Old/ New) Home. And we are almost there.


fan of Y5 said...

Can hardly wait to see pictures - I'm sure it'll be an expression of your hospitable and artistic nature.

The crowning touch.

Anonymous said...

In sync! I have the holy water and the blessed salt all ready to go. You need to get rid any b--t spirit that might be lingering and reclaim your house.
We are so proud of you both and so happy for you.
And so glad to have you around the corner again.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!! Congratulations!! Way to go Anne!!--Jen