Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Let The Door Hit Ya' On The Way Out

Holy S#@t! There's nothing like walking into your house and having it look like a tornado ripped through there!! Whoo-hoo! The demo has begun!

We ran up to the house tonight to drop off some lights and I just about jumped up and down at the glorious destruction!

So, I take this time now to say a fond farewell to the parts of our house that are hitting the road (in teeny-tiny pieces- whahahaha!!!)...

Good-bye low random beams that served no purpose other than what I can only assume was to display tons of 80's fake plants! Oh, how we just about hugged our contractor when he told us you could come down!! How I will miss shaking the popcorn ceiling bits out of my hair as I walked under you as I answered the door...Adios, pantry that was oddly located facing the door out to the garage! Your strong shelves held all of my art supplies with care for years....(Oooooooo, I cannot wait to have a REAL pantry with a real door next to my fridge- not three wacky cabinet doors with braces that blocked the usable space!!! But don't tell the old pantry that!)

Auf Wiedersehen, awful tile that no matter how hard I Cinderella-On-My-Knees scrubbed you, you always looked dirty! Oh, how you will not be missed! What ever will I do the the insane mop collection that was started because of you??...Au Revoir, original-to-the-house blah beige laminate counter tops that went all the way up the wall! 再见, window ledge made out of the same laminate!
Hyvästi, walls that we messed up the texture on when we removed the wall paper within 5 minutes of inhabiting the house! While you were pretty bad, the burgundy flower wallpaper was way, way worse...
Paalam, paint colors that the renters chose! To my dear, sweet, long-lost blue: you are sadly missed....
Tot ziens, flat panel doors with the gold hardware! Your willingness to open up to us will never be forgotten! We hope you go to a good home...Hagoonea',"Miss Piggy Hollywood" lights, old faucets, shell sinks and huge mirrors! You were always there for us when needed you to shine some light on us and offer a bit of reflection...I cannot wait to see how it turns out, but until then- here is a peek at whats to come:


4Hoffman's said...

WOW! I can't wait to see the finished product! I too have a couple shell shaped sinks I would LOVE to see GO! Good Luck and enjoy! Where is this new/old house? LOL!! Are you closer to us? Ya'll will have to come for a playdate in my "new" and improved backyard oasis that my hubby has been slaving over!!

Anonymous said...

whoa, Sissy!
It is going to look so GREAT, in a perfect not too nice for the neighborhood way.
I can't wait to see the finished results. Then you can come do our bathroom.

May I just say Vale to the stupid pantry?
Oh, and kitchen floor. Thanks for being the Worst. Kitchen. Floor. Ever.

Anonymous said...

oh how exciting, Anne! Very impressive!! Rock on sister friend rock on!!--Jen

Machiavelli's Daughter said...

Oh my gosh. It took me a second to figure out that was the house I'd been in. I can't believe all the cute new stuff you're putting in! Congratulations on your new and very happy home!