Friday, June 12, 2009

Diary Of A Mad Wallpaper..-er

Okay- When we moved into the house, the first thing we did was rip off properly remove all of the wallpaper that was in the kitchen. It was beige. It had navy and burgandy flowers. It was HOR-RI-BLE. It was a labor of love, and as we peeled away that wallpaper, we started cracking up at the wallpaper that was behind it. I would not lie to you: It looked like 80's fashion colored sperm. Yes, forest green, navy, burgandy, pink and turquiose SPERM, swimming all over the walls. I. die.

We had the huge mirrors that were in both of the bathrooms removed, soon to be replaced by stand-alone ones. I was talking to Royce yesterday, getting an update on the progress and he commented on what a pain in the tush it had been to get our master bathroom mirror down, and then he added with a laugh, "You should see all the wallpaper back there!" Now- I knew about the "80s Pinecones On Acid" wallpaper that we had lazily painted over given a quick make-over, but had NO idea about the many, many others that were hidden in there and in the kids bath!

I took a little sample of them to share- and WISH I had a piece of the two that were in the kitchen. Don't you just wonder the decorating plans that were made to go with each of these lovely samples???:


The "Little House On The Prairie"

Nice, tame beige. I feel as though this was somewhere in my home growing up.... The "Miami Vice Cherries"! Of course, the cherries have to be PINK, and the background has to be GRAY! Its the 80's folks. Don't you just know they had gray and pink towels?!?! They had too!!!

This is my FAVORITE! The "XY Chromosome" graphic. Please take a moment to take in the vibrant color palatte. Where else are you going to find purple with light brown? Pink with forest green?

"Pinecones on Acid"!! This was the wallpaper that was in our bathroom FLOOR TO CEILING- even in the window sills!- when we moved in! But I saw the potential! I knew she could be fixed! This wallpaper look came complete with HUGE navy glass ball knobs on the cabinets- we are talking golf ball size. Crazy town. Now, sadly... the kids bath wasn't as exciting. I guess because its the guest bath, and they didn't feel they had as much decorating freedom as the master!... But check out this festive paper. Kinda reminds me of Christmas wrapping paper. I will admit- done in a different color scheme, this could be fun. I could see myself decoupaging it to something...

Jas and I spent most of the day at the house painting. We got the flat pink of Olivia's tone-on-tone stripes done, the master bedroom (as high as we could reach without getting the ladder out) done, and I was able to put two coats on the kids bathroom cabinets. Now theres just the entry way, the hallways, the living room and the den/ office to do, the high peak of our master, our master bathroom cabinets.... Only. Sheesh.


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"gray and pink towels" along with the same pattern of wallpaper!And the 'chromosome' effect. I guess each wallpaper pattern tells another story '-)

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