Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go, Jas!

There have been so many times in our marriage, that I have been extremely proud of my husband- and the past few weeks have really made me sit back and smile. I have seen him embrace a dream, and proceed to do all that he can to make it a reality- and every time he has another small success, my heart swells.

He had a moment recently where he realized that he wasn't doing what he loved, and that he had had enough of it. He loves to teach golf, and his position currently doesn't have any opportunities for him to really get out there like he used to- he's stuck behind a counter, inside- that's not how he pictured his golf career. He's discussed becoming certified to be coach, he looked at other clubs to see if they would be a better fit for him, and then in the end, he decided to create his own opportunity. And North Dallas Golf Instruction was born.

I was so proud when he hand-delivered his information folders to school- knowing how nervous he would be seeing has how he hates to have to talk to people he doesn't know. I was so proud when he received a call back the next day to set up an appointment. I was so proud when he signed his first school- seeing the excitement and nervousness in his face, while he tried to play it cool. I was so proud when he did his first Open House, and the sign-up sheet came back almost full. With every success he's had, I feel the push on my end to stay on top of finding more schools and organizing everything for the ones he has. The opportunity for this program to be huge is there- and know that we know it, I can see the drive he has even more to really follow through and make it a success- and I feel so proud. I love that he is true to himself- he knows he won't be happy until he does what he loves. He's always worked so hard to take care of our family and I love that we now have the opportunity to really work as a team. I just think he is so cute and precious and darling-and I know all of the parents, directors and students will too! Go NDGI!


Andrea said...

That is great!! Congratulations!

Jilly Id said...

What an exciting thing to start your own business, especially in these times and have it take off! Congratulations! Well done.

4Hoffman's said...

CONGRATS! If you want to send me a packet I can take it to Peanut Gallery! They have 2 schools in Carrollton, and I think 5 others in the area!! I know I would sign Austin up (when he's old enough that is!!)

Let it Shine said...

Yeah Jason!!!!

Playdate soon??

(I finally have some posts up......but it is still a work in progress.......)


The Saras Family said...

whoo hoo! thats awesome jason!!!!