Saturday, August 22, 2009

Call CPS...

or the Tooth Fairy Police, and turn me in.
Worst Mommy ever.

I have forgotten that Olivia lost her tooth and it is sitting patiently under her pillow, waiting for the Tooth Fairy to bring her a $1, the past

Thank Goodness its in an airtight ziploc container because God forbid it spoil in my Unforgivable-I'm so ashamed- I-Almost-Ruined-One-Of-The Last- Little-Fun-Child-Fantasy-Things Olivia has left. The first night I blamed it on the storm, to which she replied with a puzzled look, "I thought she was magic...?"
I quickly told her: Helllll-oh! She still had to fly to get here.

Phew! Close one!

But then this morning. I walk by her on the way to make coffee, and she doesn't even look up and says, "She didn't come again." Crap. Crap. Crap.

Tonight. Without fail.
Maybe if I'd made something as adorable as this, it would be alot harder to forget!


The Saras Family said...

Oh my gosh. Poor you. I can totally see me doing that in a few years when H looses a tooth. Just think how excited she will be tomorrow~!!!!

Let it Shine said...

Awww. Poor little O.
Give her a $5 and tell her the toothfairy pays intrest. :)

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

oh, you are SOOOO not alone. This has happened more than I'd like to admit in our house. We have a flighty tooth fairy....